Charter Bus Prices: How to Calculate Your DC Bus Rental Costs

Just like every trip is unique in its own way, charter bus and minibus rental pricing varies due to particular circumstances. Your quote will differ each time depending on when you’re traveling, the kind of bus you rent, the distance of your trip, the occasion, and more.

Charter bus rental pricing in D.C.

While DC Charter Bus Company is here to assist you on your upcoming trip, we put together a helpful guide to get you started on setting your budget:

Type of Bus Per Hour Per Day Per Mile
56-Passenger Charter Bus $130 – $185 $1,375 –$1,750 $4.25 – $5.50
25-Passenger Minibus $135 – $175 $1,325 – $1,625 $5.00 – $6.25
20-Passenger Minibus $125 – $170 $1,300 – $1,525 $4.25 – $5.50
18-Passenger Minibus $125 – $165 $1,225 – $1,500 $4.00 – $5.25


Charter bus pricing is never set in stone, but this chart can give you an idea of what to expect. Keep in mind the factors listed below that can affect your quote when setting your budget:

  • When you book your bus: Charter bus prices are seasonal and increase during peak seasons between April and June due to high demand. During major events like the National Cherry Blossom Festival or the Taste of DC, demand also increases and can alter your quote.
  • The distance of your trip: The way you’re charged is built around the distance and duration of your trip. Local trips, which need to meet a minimum requirement of five hours, are typically charged by the hour, while longer trips are charged per day or per mile. The longer your trip spans, the more expensive your quote.
  • Your group’s size: There are a variety of different buses that can accommodate groups of any size. However, the bigger your group, the larger the bus you’ll need and the higher your quote will be. While a full-sized charter bus and minibus differ in price by only a few hundred dollars, you can save money by choosing a minibus that fits your group.
  • Other travel expenses: When planning your trip, make sure you consider additional costs you may find along the way, such as tolls or any parking permits you may need. If your trip lasts several days, you are expected to provide lodging for your driver. Be sure to book a room in a hotel with a 3-star rating or above to ensure your driver rests well for the day ahead.

There are many factors to consider when you book a bus rental. To help you determine what your trip may cost, we’ve provided a few examples below:

The Women’s Rights Rally

how much does a charter bus cost in dc

A local non-profit is planning a rally in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. and will need to transport a group of 110 protesters from their headquarters in Bethesda. The rally starts at 10am and carries on throughout the day. The groups plans to arrive at 9am to prepare and to head back around 7pm.

Because of their large group and their need for storing signs and other materials, they decide to rent two full-sized charter buses for the extra space. They will be charged for an entire day per bus, and they will also need to cover parking fees for their buses during the event, which is $55 per motorcoach.

The non-profit receives a quote of $3,300, and with the addition of parking, their total comes to $3,410.

The Senior Year Field Trip

charter bus minibus pricing washington dc

Reston High School’s senior class is taking their senior field trip to explore the nation’s capital. They plan to take their group of 86 seniors and six chaperones for a three-day trip. They will need enough room for luggage and other carry-ons.

For a total of 92 passengers, their reservation specialist books them two 56-passenger charter buses at a daily rate. On top of paying for three days, they are required to book lodging with a 3-star rating or more for their driver.

With a quote of $2,800 and $218 at a 4-star hotel for two nights, the high school ends up paying $3,018 in total.

The Trade Show

washington dc bus rental cost

Clarke Solutions LLC, located in Alexandria, is going to a trade show at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. They decide to send a team of 12 sales people to represent their start-up. They plan to leave at 8am and arrive back to their office at 3pm.

They are charged an hourly rate for an 18-passenger minibus, the perfect option for a small group that needs space to store presentation materials and still ride in comfort. They request for their bus to have a PA system and TV screens so they can practice their pitches while on the road. For a total of 7 hours, the company receives a quote of $1,050.

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